On moral Grounds one of CA member says “NO WORK, NO PAY” in Nepal

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Sunil Babu Panta one of the Constitution Assembly Member of Nepal representing the Third Gender from the Communist Party of Nepal (United) has declared not to take any salary for the extension period of the constitution making process with NO WORK NO PAY theme on moral grounds. It is on moral grounds that Pant requested the chairman of the Constitution Assembly Subash Nembang to rightfully reject his salary and wages after the extension period of 28 may 2011. In the letter issued by him he also refreshes that he is not liable to the salary but he is compelled to address the rightful donation towards his party so except for the NRS 15000 approximate USD 220, he will not take any salary or wages for the extension period.

According to Panta, “It is on moral grounds that I have discarded the salary. We have not worked in the extension period and I don’t deserve the money. It’s people hard earned money which should be respected. Looking at the lack of political understanding and cooperation I personally feel the constitution won’t come out with in the stipulated time. We have already missed the deadline for the peace process and handling the combatants’ issue. It is mostly to say without solving these issues we cannot think of stability or proper governance. The mechanism did what it had to and we have reached to this stage but now there seems to be a political deadlock which is very hard to overcome. The political leaders are more busy in playing their political game of power where solution seems irrelevant as the major issues are unsolved and we cannot move forward without addressing these issues.”

“ For the constitution there are major issues which needs to be addressed and it won’t come out till they are solved. If they bring out the constitution timely too with lack of understanding it will be of no use,’ added Panta.

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