Liberia & Ghana: George Weah’s view on Liberian refugee incident with Ghana Police

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Former Liberian presidential candidate George Weah

Former Liberian presidential candidate and international football star, George Weah, has appealed to the Ghanaian government to respect the rights of Liberian refugees at the Buduburam camp located in the Central region.

One refugee was killed recently in clashes between the refugees and police at the camp. The rumpus was sparked by bickering between two factions of the refugees over Welfare Council leadership.

Scores of the refugees were arrested and are standing trial. Others were injured and some run into the bush for cover. The Government of Ghana and the UNHCR have hinted of moves to close the Camp to avert further clashes in the future. The refugees have been in Ghana for 20 years after fleeing their country’s two civil wars.

Mr. George Weah in an interview with a source closed to in Accra, said that the Ghanaian government could have handled the recent situation better than it did. Although Mr. Weah admits he is unaware of the genesis of the story, he had been told by his country’s Ambassador to Ghana that people were brutalized and killed.

Mr. Weah has condemned the incident, saying it affects the long-standing healthy relationship between Ghana and Liberia.

“I just hope that the Ghanaian Government and those who are responsible at the Camp will do their best to keep Liberians safe for Liberia and Ghana to have that long lasting friendship. Whatever happens there, I hope they investigate it well so it doesn’t provoke any unforeseen things that will be uncomfortable for everybody.

Because we have been in Ghana and we have been received. Some of the refugees have the desire to go home and some of them don’t want to. But at the end of the day, they have lived their lives here so it’s the responsibility of the Ghanaian Government to ensure that their human rights are safe. The Ghanaian Government has always done its best for Liberia and they have to continue to do so,” Mr. Weah urged.

The football icon also urged Liberians in Ghana to be more responsible by respecting the laws of the country since that will guarantee their peaceful stay and keep alive the long-standing historic relationship

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