Anti-child labour NGO ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’ abuses freed children, Oxfam Novib and donor fundings

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  1. Ilse de Rouw
    september 2nd, 2011 @ 06:11

    This is to absurd. BBA and the Satyarthi’s should present evidence for 20 years. Instead they only present campaign. Some donors are just stupid, ignorance. No wonder, development aid has less platform in The Netherlands the last years. Left hobbies….

  2. Erica de Bruijn
    september 2nd, 2011 @ 08:15

    I have been reading everything about BBA, also the Dutch document ‘ontwikkelingssamenwerking ontwikkelt geen samenwerking’. Even the Dutch government could not give one argument to legitimize BBA’s activities. Not even Novib. Not even Kidsrights. In fact, nobody could present evidence. Not even BBA. This is what we call in the Netherlands: ‘fried air’. But I have a suggestion to all donors: PLEASE DO GIVE MONEY TO THIS FAMILY CARTEL. THEY NEED A NICER CAR AND THEY WANT TO GO TO THE HAIRDRESSER MORE OFTEN. WHO REALLY WANTS TO DONATE TO CHILDREN IN NEED? THESE ARE MODERN TIMES.

  3. Joop Versteggen
    september 2nd, 2011 @ 08:23

    I guess, most people already know that development aid is just a way of lefties to travel around the world and to feel good to play Santa. Everybody knows, development aid is a monster with no output whatsoever. Donors, like Kidsrights, who give money to NGOs like BBA, even after reading these files, are totally fake. I do not understand why Kidsrights is existing. I despise their cowardly attitude.

  4. Harry McConnaly
    september 2nd, 2011 @ 08:29

    BBA, Global March, Kidsrights, Oxfam, Dutch Government and all donors to BBA: one big conspipracy to pollinate each other.

  5. alex
    september 3rd, 2011 @ 15:38

    BBA is nothing but an organisation created for collecting funds by selling faces of child labourers. These funds are used for buying cars, laptops, mobiles and latest gazettes by these people.

  6. Rajnath Allahabad
    september 9th, 2011 @ 10:34

    I have read with interest the Whistleblower report regarding BBA and Mr Satyarthi.
    I was a grassroot worker with BBA/AVA at one time. This only enhances the sense of disappointment and dissatisfaction which we all had and left BBA/AVA with. My sorrow is that we all had joined hands with Kailash thinking this was something crucial for the growth of our country. And when these facts blow up on our face, it makes us ask: what about us? A band of young people who were filled with motivation and passion. Are we now the inheritors of cynicism and negativity? We are the victims of a movement gone awry. Who is going to think of the grass root workers and their families and their livelihood? And the families of Mr Satyarthi according to your report are loaded with hard cash. Hope there will be some cosmic justice somewhere! Thats what I hope and pray for.

  7. JNU
    september 12th, 2011 @ 03:13

    `Child labour’ has become an industry – we should seriously (forget BBA) consider how much money has poured in the country in the name of child labour till date to different agencies or organisations. At the same level – how much money has been given to different NGOs in the west by their respective Govts. as development aid …………… Have to salute Anna Hazare – the anti-corruption crusader in India and we hope the new bill / enactment in the country shall include the NGOs and their operations and funding(s) under the its purview. We cannot allow such industries (NGOs) in the name of `child labour’ to play with the sentiments and emotions of the people who get carried away by false sob stories and propaganda

  8. Vinod S. (Mumbai)
    september 12th, 2011 @ 08:24

    I and my colleague visited BBA’s Mukti Ashram during April-2010 and It was heartening to see the children rescued from the Workplaces were forced to do hostel cleaning work by the so called ‘managers’ or the hostel. The food given to them was good, but the children and their parents were roughly treated.

    1 more to note, the children rescued from the workplace were forced to stay in hostel for a week under the name of training and education. They were not handed to their parents, even they come to take them home.

  9. shazi
    september 22nd, 2011 @ 17:48

    i m working with BBA for quiet a time now as a volunteer. i have been to raid and learned about the projects that are run and working for the upliftmnt of is disheartning to see that many people have lot of misconceptions regarding the work of the organisation.i have been to the raid and rescue operation, the team comprises of police and labour dept members this all done with legal proceedure keeping in mind. regarding keeping children in home after they r rescued, their certain legal preocedure that need to be completed before they r sent off with their parents,such procedures are necessary and if some education of training or learning is given to these children then it is worth it. fake raids and all is not the case in the organisation as this is my personal experience because i have been to the raids in the team. children are the future genration and so if some genrative steps r taken for their development and upliftment then it should be supported.

  10. Sonubal
    september 23rd, 2011 @ 09:08

    I am a MSW student doing my field work placement training in BBA. I have been to MUKTHI ASHRAM, which is a short stay home for the rescued child laborers (assigned by the Child Welfare Committee), before they are being rehabilitated.
    The interaction (personal) i had with the children revealed to me the sufferings they were undergoing in their workplaces before being rescued.I strongly urge the author to have a look on the wound marks on the body of those children before criticizing the genuineness of the organisation.
    In my personal experience, i have never seen such an organisation which clearly justifies the essence of activism. The threats they are facing while rescuing children from “powerful” employers can be understood, only if you are a part of this “hardcore activism”.

  11. Deeps
    september 26th, 2011 @ 06:57

    I worked with BBA for 1 year as an employee. Volunteers can not understand how the employees were treated like Kailash and his family. They treat them like servant .

    After the rescue of children, BBA never do follow up. BBA’s own study says that 90 percent of the rescued children never get rehabilitation money.

    In the reporting line, you have to report to each member of his family. Director or Project coordinators are there just as the puppets. Even the wife of Kailash Satyarthi, Sumedha, who has no idea about running a project, behaves like a queen, who needs to be worshiped by everyone.

    Bhuwan scold everyone even to the Directors and Coordinators like anything before the other employees. Rescuing children from the factories is a smart way to get funds from donors.

  12. zess
    september 27th, 2011 @ 14:12

    Mr.So called Hans,

    You are a MAD MAN and you need a doctor for sure. It seems you have plenty of time and that is why you are plotting this game.

    Why dont you come and see everything. Your doubts will be cleared. You know you are wrong and that is why you are not coming to clarify everything.

  13. Parvej Raza
    oktober 1st, 2011 @ 06:38

    I heard a lot about BBA recently. About one thing i was very sure that they do self promotions more than activity. They love coming to news and TVs. I have seen them always partying doing coffee table talks. They have created good repo with UNICEF,Save the children and other organisations.
    They are very good in manipulating facts and activities in their favor. They are real time cheater and criminals to the innocent Kids. Its Satyarthi and their family or its Mukhtar ul hak…all are the same.

    They have learned how to talk and write with sensitivity.I have not seen any activity initiated by them from last one year.

  14. Rais Ahmed
    december 2nd, 2011 @ 12:51

    I feel sad and shoked when i read about the Mr. kailash Satyarthi’s and her orgnaisation BBA thay are in the field in so many years if thay are involve and misusing the fund what type of morality thay misuse and misguide the fund for donor then we should boycot such person or orgnaisation

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