NGO’s fail to learn from failure

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Admitting Failure

There is a lot going wrong in the business of ‘doing good’. Not all ngo’s which seem to help actually help. A more critical attitude is needed, both from donors and ngo’s. One of the mistakes the development community often makes is to learn from failure. Instead of recognizing these experiences as learning opportunities, they hide them away out of fear and embarrassment.
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The Wael effect

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Tuesday was the 15th day. There were more people on Tahrir than ever before. (Picture Al-Masry al-Youm)

Tuesday was the day after the night of the Wael Ghoneim interview on Dream Tv and the effect was enormous. More people came toTahrir than ever before, many of them newcomers and many of them confessing that the interview with Wael had had the effect to convince them to join.
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Thai-Cambodia War only means both countries stand to lose

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There are people in both Thailand and Cambodia who want their soldiers to go all the way. The problem is, even though this might bring the territorial dispute to a conclusion, it would only be for the short term. In 10 or even five years, when one side gets weaker or stronger, the conflict will flare up once again. That is absolutely certain, if force is used to settle this conflict.
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Afghanistan Education System!

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Afghanistan has two education systems; the religious and the government. The religious system is taught by Mulas (religious leaders) at masques that includes teaching Quran and provide religious advices. The government system is implemented at schools which is free of charge and is consist of different subjects including religious.
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Gabon: The Invisible Revolt

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Cars burnt in Atong Abè, Libreville, after riots on 2nd February

Protests in Gabon have failed to make a dent in the international news cycle as all eyes are still turned towards the Egyptian crisis. Mohamed Keita of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) was wondering if “fake news wasn’t drawing real censorship” in Gabon, as he discussed the closing of the 1st private Gabonese TV channel, TV+. According to M Keita, the overreaction by the Ali Bongo’s government is a sign of a deeper concern : what was considered ridiculous by Ali Bongo and his partisans before seems to have created subtantial political turmoil in this little Central African nation. The rhetorical strategy of Bongo’s camp seems to consist of the total denyial of the opposition party.
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