Libya’s children caught in Turmoil as the conflict escalates

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As the violence in Libya continues to escalate as the air attacks on cities continue and growing numbers of refugees flee cities and now remain trapped on the borders, it threatens to turn into a full-scale humanitarian crisis. More than 200,000 people have already fled the fighting in Libya, most of them crossing into the neighboring countries of Egypt and Tunisia.

Many of these refugees are stranded at border towns, living in makeshift shelters made of sheets and luggage that provide little protection from the cold temperatures and strong winds. United Nations officials estimate that thousands more may remain trapped inside Libya. Nearly 100,000 people have already fled the conflict, and conditions in refugee camps in Tunisia and Egypt are already dire. Thousands of women and children fleeing for safety into bordering Tunisia, however their sheer number is overwhelming and Tunisian authorities are now periodically closing off the border. Therefore the conflict has now left many children are now trapped on the Libyan side without water, shelter, and many are injured with no access to medical care. In February the UN reported that some 50,000 people sought refuge in Egypt and another 50,000 have arrived in Tunisia.

The children of Lybia are also now left in peril as they face serious risks to both their health and safety. Many sadly will be lost in the chaos, separated from families, now vulnerable to emotional distress from being uprooted from their homes, schools and all that is familiar to them. It is times of crisis and conflict such as these that often leave children vulnerable to child traffickers.

Currently the children of Lybia are in need of essentials such as; food, shelter and health care. We will be partnering with the humanitarian community on these essentials. We will also be working to reunite families and providing support for children who have been exposed to trauma.

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