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From SS Officers

State Security Police General Mortada Ibrahim, the man who was in charge of wiretapping and surveillance during General Habib el-Adly‘s reign, and who remained in service after the revolution, has submitted his resignation yesterday from his post as the Interior Minister General Mansour el-Eissawi’s 1st Assistant for Research and Planning.

Alongside General Mortada, two other minister assistants have also resigned: General Gihad Youssef, and General Hassan Abdel Hamid.

Some reports have spoken about their “impeachment” rather than “resignation.” What’s clear in any case that those power-hungry jackboots who have served Mubarak’s regime and his thug Adly would not have left their posts that easily. Instead they are currently facing the heat for their involvement in corruption, and are being investigated by the Illicit Gains Authority.

General Youssef and General Abdel Hamid will be the subject of future postings on the Piggipedia, especially General Youssef, Adly’s assistant for financial affairs.

This man remains a big question mark for his central role in the police corruption machine. After a long career in SS, General Youssef developed close connections to Adly, who assigned him the post of the Interior Minister’s 1st Assistant for Financial Affairs. General Youssef is reportedly 68 years old, in other words he passed his retirement age, and was one of those “lucky ones” to receive Adly’s annual decree of extension of service. General Youssef ran five departments in the interior ministry: the General Administration of Financial Research and Projects, General Administration of Police Supplies, General Administration of Ammunition and Weaponry, General Department of the Ministry’s Services, and the Central Administration for Accountancy and Budget. He was also a member of the board of directors of several companies in the housing and oil sectors.

General Youssef faces accusations he personally supervised Adly’s investments in the stock market and purchases of villas and palaces.

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