Annual report on the death penalty in Iran 2011

As the Iranian authorities continue the crackdown of the dissidents and the civil society, Iran Human Rights (IHR) presents its annual report on the death penalty in 2011 in Iran. The report was presented in press conferences at the Italian Senate, Paris City Hall and University of Oslo las week. Introduction: The execution wave that [...]

Drug Policy Debate: Pay attention to the clamor to legalize drugs, Drug Policy Allliance head, Ethan Nadelmann suggests to presidential candidates

An in-depth interview by the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, with Ethan Nadelmann, director of the Drug Policy Alliance. He was a speaker at the international forum, Drugs: An Assessment of a Century of Prohibition, held in Mexico City this week.  La Jornada: “For Mexico to move towards a model of decriminalization of drugs and be [...]

Drug Policy Debate: Wife of Mexican president and Secretary of Interior deem drug legalization useless

This article is one of several in the Mexican press on the International Forum on Drugs: An Assessment of a Century of Prohibition, held this week in Mexico City. More of the statement of Interior Secretary Alejandro Poiré was posted yesterday. Ms. Zavala sounds like a spokesperson for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agengy (DEA) or the Department of [...]

On The Aesthetics of Narco-Traffico and the Reality of MISS BALA (Miss Bullet)

(Movie: Canana Films, 2011, Mexico; Screenplay by: Gerardo Naranjo & Mauricio Katz. Showing: IFFR, International Film Festival Rotterdam) Laura Guerrrero and her best Friend Su Su are preparing to participate in the Miss Baja California pageant: Laura a 23 year old young woman from the Barrios of Baja has high hopes, and big dreams and [...]

FARC rebels urged to disarm by Colombian president

One soldier was killed and two more were injured Sunday after simultaneous attacks from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in several towns of Colombia’s southwestern Cauca region. Police said that the soldier died in one of the first attacks in Suarez municipality, where FARC members launched explosive devices against an army vehicle. Blog [...]

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