Will James Inhofe Have The Last Laugh?

So what did the world get out of COP 17 at Durban? And more specifically what did the developing countries, which are just about appearing over the horizon of the greenhouse emissions historically created by the developed and rich nations already? It will be hard not to speculate how exactly the ravages of global warming [...]

Fiddling on Climate

The image of Nero fiddling as Rome burned—albeit apocryphal– has stuck as the metaphor for willfully irresponsible government.  Government representatives, gathered at climate change talks in Durban, South Africa, have been fiddling for the past week. Of the hundreds of closed-door sessions, official meetings and informational seminars, all that’s come out so far is cacophony. [...]

Global Warming: COP-17 hassle is an open invite to geoengineering quick fix

Ozone Layer Geoengineering  ̶  or OLG for short  ̶  is a geoengineering procedure that submits a solution to ozone layer depletion if it poses risks to man or the environment now or in future. Ozone layer depletion is commonly observed in the atmosphere over Antarctica and Arctic; this environmental risk will be relatively insignificant if [...]

UN Chief Warns that the Future of the Planet is at Stake at COP 17

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is warning deadlocked climate talks in Durban about the importance of finding solutions. “It would be difficult to overstate the gravity of this moment,” Ban said “Without exaggeration, we can say: the future of our planet is at stake – people’s lives, the health of the global economy, the very [...]

India is Leading Resistance to a Binding Treaty at COP 17

India has emerged as the leading opponent to a binding treaty at the UN Climate Conference in Durban, South Africa (COP 17). India is the world’s third largest carbon emitter and the country’s C02 emissions are now growing at a rate of more than 9 percent a year. At COP 17, India has made it [...]

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