New video about Maspero massacre (VIDEO)

The Campaign to End the Military Trials of Civilians, an organisation made up of several active members of the ongoing Egyptian Revolution, released a new video about the Maspero massacre of 9 October. Tomorrow 12 November there will be a day of international solidarity, with demonstrations in cities around the world. Blog this! Bookmark on [...]

Did the Egyptian revolution go wrong?

The article below is a translation from the newspaper al-Masry al-Youm, of June 5th, 2011. Writer Alaa al-Aswani (photo) in it paints a dark picture of what the revolution in Egypt so far achieved and – more importantly – did not achieve. In doing so he makes a strong case for the need of the [...]

At least 846 killed during Egyptian revolution

An Egyptian fact finding committee, consisting of judges, has found that the toll of te 25 January revolution was higher than hitherto thought: at least 846 dead, and about 6500 wounded. The report, that was released on Tuesday, accuses the security forces of “excessive” use of force during the mass protests, using live ammunition and [...]

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