Indonesia will received F- 16 for free

Indonesia government agree in receiving for about 24 F-16 block 52 . Both type are ex-USAF. The agreement was signed by first comission DPR RI on October 25th. DPR members agreed to freely in receiving F-16 Block 15 but insist to upgrade/retrofit all plane to block 52(so equal to Singapore F-16). DPR dealt to hands [...]

More F-16 for Iraqi Air Force & EF-2000 Naval Version to India

Iraq made ordered to US government for exporting F-16 warplane to the countries since March 2009. The purchase requirement is made for 36 warplanes for the Iraqi air force. In allowance of the purchasing, Iraqi sent 10 pilots to the US Air Force for flight training. But the US congress agreed to sell 18 F-16IQ [...]

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