Leaders Meet to Put Family Planning on the Global Agenda

Thousands gathered in Senegal yesterday for the opening of the second International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), the largest meeting of its kind, which will run until December 2, 2011. The objective of the groundbreaking meeting is to push forward an agenda for broad family planning access and support across the globe. The outcome of the [...]

7 Billion reasons to invest in reproductive health

Reproductive health is often given a lower priority when factoring aid and development costs, however the failure to secure the health of females and their unborn children can destabilize economies and harm already strained healthcare systems.  It is clear that a larger focus must be placed on reproductive and maternal health to increase stability and sustainability in developing nations. On October 31, [...]

China’s one child policy finds its way to D.C.

In 2008 international rumors and reports flared in China that the controversial one-child-per-couple law may becoming to an end, however the rumors turned out to be just that and the law was then set to remain in effect for at least the next decade according to government officials. The  statement by the Chinese government ended [...]

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