Secretary Clinton targets Army of Islam and Haqqani Network leaders

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, under an executive order issued by the U.S. President, yesterday notified the military, law enforcement, political leaders and American citizens that two terrorist leaders have been added to the State Department’s terrorism list. First, Secretary Clinton and State Department officials have designated the Gaza-based Army of Islam leader Mumtaz Dughmush [...]

Friday Roundup

Just a whole lotta stories clogging my internet tabs: Both First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have Africa trips pending in the next few days. This is great, and both trips have clear policy implications. You know what would be even better? If we started to get some sense of a [...]

Obama minions refuse to designate Mexican gangs as terrorists

Officials from the Obama administration tturned down pleas from lawmakers and public-interest groups to place the names of Mexican drug cartels on their list of designated terrorist organizations. The “terrorist organization” designation would give U.S. law enforcement agencies the authority to use such measures as the Patriot Act to crack down on suspected drug cartel [...]

The State of the Disunion – Inconsistency Backfires on European Union’s Foreign Policy

The revolutionary uprisings in North Africa have been a true earthquake for Europe’s foreign policy standing in the region. The way how the EU reacted on this critical challenge tells a lot about the state of disunion in regard to its foreign policy. Both individual EU Member States and the EU itself were slow to [...]

Human Rights in the Rear View Mirror: Colombian Commandos Training Mexican Military and Police

In another misstep of the historic failure of Plan Colombia and the US supported War on Drugs, Colombia is training thousands of Mexican soldiers, police and court officials in an effort to boost Mexico’s fight against drug cartels. Trainings have mostly taken place in Mexico, but now Mexican troops and police are traveling to Colombia [...]

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