Annual report on the death penalty in Iran 2011

As the Iranian authorities continue the crackdown of the dissidents and the civil society, Iran Human Rights (IHR) presents its annual report on the death penalty in 2011 in Iran. The report was presented in press conferences at the Italian Senate, Paris City Hall and University of Oslo las week. Introduction: The execution wave that [...]

A Slip of the tongue revealed all

Introduction The homophobic remarks made by Surinamese Member of Parliament Ronnie Asabina (BEP) shocked disgusted and offended many people in Suriname and abroad. But Mr Asabina’s stance on homosexuality is not unique, he merely voiced his disdain on a lifestyle that he appears to find ‘ Western’ , urban and foreign, according to a later [...]

No longer ‘In the Bottle’? LGBT rights in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Malaysia’s Women’s Minister Last week 66 young boys in the conservative largely Muslim state of Terengganu, Malaysia, were sent to a special ‘re-education’ camp for displaying signs of effeminacy which if left ‘unchecked’, state official argued, could “reach the point of no return”. In other words they could ‘become’ gay or transsexual.  Blog this! Bookmark [...]

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