Don’t flush it in Leh

Do you guys remember the school in Leh where Fungchook Wangdoo went back to – in the popular movie ’3 Idiots’ by Amir Khan? I am talking about the Druk Padma Karpo School where the movie was partly shot and the school that was devastated in the 2010 cloud burst. I guess you remember, but [...]

Exploring peace options for Kashmir

There is a general perception among the South Asians that peace has been held hostage in the region due to the continued animosity between India and Pakistan. History suggests that no matter much the consensus for peace and development gains momentum in the region, the Kashmir question vitiates the atmosphere of the subcontinent. The two [...]

Saleem Samad’s triptych (part 2): Bangladesh, the next epi center for Islamic terrorism*

Bangladesh is a country, which has increasingly been worrying the international community, but more importantly South Asian countries including India and Pakistan, for the meteoric rise of militant Islamism which has been biting into the secular identity of the second largest Muslim democracy.  The new independent state of Bangladesh emerged as a secular polity with [...]

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