Traffic Solution/Mass Transport Restructuring should top the 6th Lagos Economic Summit agenda

The Lagos State Government (LASG) will host its 6th economic summit, an event that submits a pathway for development in new directions and also host speakers of value from other parts of the world to suggest to Lagos policies that worked there and how it can also work here. The summit has been largely successful [...]

Nigeria: Heatwave, Lagos Climate Change Summit and Rainfall Predictions

Nigeria in the past few days has experienced a series of heatwave that runs from sunny afternoons through the night. This has drawn government’s attention, leading them to give safety tips to the people and emergency helplines in the case of accidents. The heatwave also meant more, than at other times for people with power [...]

Nigeria: This Lagos Traffic and Ignored Solutions

Sometimes when one follows some events the Nigerian media throw attention to, you wonder how much value it breeds, in a country where many challenges will start tapering, if attention is thrown at them. A glaring example is the Lagos traffic problem, it is a very big one, but it is at best ignored, for [...]

2012 Lagos Summit on Climate Change: Energy efficiency and Traffic Solutions

The Lagos State Government annually hosts a climate change summit early into the year for about 4years now to guide moves for climate change in Lagos in that year. This summit has seen progress in the past and the Lagos State Ministry of Environment has coordinated the meetings to have a general influence on deportment [...]

Traffic, everywhere every time in Lagos; Are there solutions?

The current state of the Lagos traffic situation is not nice. It is more of a burden to anyone except for odd reasons. Road traffic in Lagos comes for any reason and at any time on any route within its borders; this situation is biting and it is not excessively talked about for solutions. Lagos [...]

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