In support of a teenage girl who killed herself escaping marriage with her rapist

Morocco: A sixteen years old teenage girl Amina Filali who was raped and later who committed suicide on condition of escaping the marriage with her rapist has raised issues of women existence in the north Africa. She was raped and beaten up badly and she committed suicide on 18 March2012 and till date nothing has [...]

Jayalalithaa- Vijayakant Spat Fallout

Marriage and divorce are not uncommon in general life and so is the case in the political arena. The latest example of political breakup is from Tamil Nadu. The parties involved are AIDMK and DMDK that had a pre poll alliance and the post poll breakup. Tamil Nadu saw a regime change in May 16, [...]

Saudi Arabia looks to set mimimum marriage age

Across the globe more than 60 million girls find themselves the innocent victims, as child brides, despite the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child placement of 18 years-old as the minimum age for marriage.  However while many countries have set 18 as the minimum age others have placed 16 years-old as the age.  Nonetheless [...]

Stop international bigamous marriage by a victim

Bigamy is a serious crime in most of countries. If a bigamous marriage involves individuals from more than one country, the process to track down the cases is not well established. The intention of this article to shed some light on it. In the USA, the punishment for bigamy and enforcement of the crime varies [...]

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