Weak leadership, economic crises and political polarization: What the International Community can learn from Latin American Regime Crises

Introduction The volatility of the stock markets, the worry about Greece that flew over to the USA, Italy, Belgium and Spain are no coincidence, they are part of a broader trending, of economic mayhem and international uncertainty. The USA, Belgium, Italy and to a lesser extent Spain devote a disproportionate time on meandering through the [...]

Does Israel control US foreign policy?

Does Israel determine US foreign policy or does Israel simply have inordinate influence in comparison with any other US allies in the world? There are those who argue that from the presidential election of 1948 when Truman ran knowing he needed the votes and the money of Jewish voters until the Obama administration, which is [...]

Religion, Secularism and Geopolitics: Turkey

Taking the long view on Anatolia’s intermediary role between East and West, it is indeed true that there has been much written on the issue. The Erdogan regime is interested in having Turkey play an essential diplomatic role between West (NATO, especially US) and Middle East. It is no secret that Turkey wants to recapture [...]

NATO & the new European balance op power

In the last ten years NATO has demonstrated weaknesses of the US role in the Atlantic alliance and the need to redefine its mission to reflect the new geopolitical realities. As a defense organization with principally a political role NATO can only be useful if it continues to serve all of its members’ best overall [...]

Peace is not an option: US and Israel

The news about US working behind the scenes with the Karzai regime to strike a deal with Taliban rebels comes as no surprise, given that such contacts have been ongoing for a long time while all along Afghanistan’s lucrative heroin trade that helps finance the rebels. The real news is that Obama, who just a [...]

Turkish foreign policy volte-face, the Arab States, and the West

In March 2011 after a UN resolution to protect Libyan civilians from Gaddafi’s forces and a NATO decision to launch air strikes, Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan criticized the French government for pushing NATO operations against Colonel Gaddafi because France and its allies were interested in Libya’s oil. The comment was warranted because it is [...]

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