Monetary Incentive to End Child Marriage in Indian State is Successful

One in seven girls in developing countries is married before their 15th birthday, usually against her will.  Across the globe, more than 60 million girls find themselves innocent victims as child brides, despite the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child stipulation that 18 is the minimum age for marriage.  While many countries have adhered [...]

Presidential Candidate Jones Musara’s Economic Policy: towards Real Economic Relief, Recovery, Growth and Prosperity

We must inject at least $100 billion into our national economy if we are to jump- start it and begin to see, feel, realize and enjoy real economic recovery, real economic growth, real economic development and real economic prosperity that comes with full employment and the full resolution of the energy and poverty crisis that [...]

Women and Children Suffer from Hunger

Women and children are hit the hardest by hunger worldwide. Why? In developing countries women face unique barriers to critical resources like income, land, education and the ability to borrow money.  The global population has now hit a astonishing 7 billion-plus mouths to feed, and women and children account for more than 60% of those [...]

2011: Children’s Rights a Year in Review

Summary of the Past Year 2011 has surely been a year of trial and tribulations for children across the globe struggling for freedom and their basic human rights. I wish I could write and say that 2011 was the year that we abolished child trafficking, child marriage, prevented children dying from preventable childhood diseases and [...]

Egyp’s revolution in historical perspective

To understand why Egyptians rebelled in the early months of 2011 and then continued their uprising in November 2011 after the Mubarak regime was overthrown, one must examine not just the short-term causes (poverty, political corruption, authoritarian rule, etc.) of Arab Spring, but the history of this North African country from the era of Mehmet [...]

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