Kenya: Elite Kenyan Special Forces revealed

[A SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT ON KENYA’S SPECIAL FORCES IN THE FRONTLINE WAR ON AL-SHABAAB] They are the most secretive and presently are in the first line defense in the Kenya’s war on Al Shabaab. Little is known about them and their work. Within the Kenyan Defense Forces (Kenya Army, Kenya Air Force and Kenya Navy) [...]

The FPA Great Decisions National Opinion Ballot: On Somalia

The Foreign Policy Association has released the results of its National Opinion Ballot in which highly-informed participants in the Great Decisions (GD) program, the centerpiece of the FPA, weigh in on the various issues that GD covers in a given year.  Among the issues that this year’s poll respondents addressed was the instability in the [...]

Situation deteriorating in Mogadishu’s shanty towns as drought victims continue to pour in

Ravaged by 20 years of civil war, the Somali capital has experienced an influx of displaced persons in the last three months. Providing aid to people who have fled hunger and fighting is a constant challenge in this chaotic urban setting. Since July, more than 150,000 Somalis have left the provinces of the country’s central [...]

Are politics to blame for the deaths of 30,000 children in Somalia?

In July, the UN declared a famine in two regions of Southern Somalia, the first such announcement in the region since the infamous 1984 famine in Ethiopia. Somalia continues to find itself gripped tightly by starvation; the famine has claimed the lives of some 30,000 children in the last 3 months alone. More than 12 [...]

Nightmare continues for British woman kidnapped by Somalis

The British government reportedly deployed special forces troops — probably members of the Special Air Service (SAS) – in a military operation to rescue a female British subject from her Somali abductors. Special forces last night continued hunting for the kidnappers of a British woman whose husband died in a brutal attack at a Kenyan [...]

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