Islamists versus the army, a new phenomenon in Egypt (VIDEO)

Hundreds of thousand of people all over Egypt have demonstrated on Friday, according to Al Ahram, against the way the military is handling the expected handover of the power to civilian institutions. The main ire of the protesters was directed towards a document about the make-up of a constituent assemble that has to be formed [...]

Egyptian state TV blamed for stirring up tension during Sunday’s clashes with Copts

The question marks over what exactly caused the bloodbath during the Coptic demonstration in Cairo on Sunday, will surely remain in place for quite some time. One may hope that the commission of inquiry, that the government installed in the meantime, will shed some light on how it was possible that the army reacted in [...]

Egypt’s Mass Strikes: When the economic becomes political (VIDEOS)

As thousands of workers continue to strike in the Upper Egyptian sugar refineries over pay, work conditions, as well as purging the management from the remnants of Mubarak’s regime. The strikers, seen in the videos, also accuse the management of clientalism to the US and Israel, and chant for “open strikes till the fall of [...]

SCAF orders government to give workers on strike a cold sholder

It looks as if  the ruling military council in Egypt (SCAF) is running out of wisdom. AhramOnline reports that the SCAF and the government-Sharaf met on Wednesday to discuss what a cabinet spokesperson described as a “deteriorating security situation’ and took some very restrcitive measures. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Tip on [...]

Martyrs are NOT thugs!

Hundreds demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), in downtown Cairo, on the first anniversary of Khaled Said‘s death. Hundreds demonstrated on Monday denouncing continued police torture, in Sheikh Rihan Street, in front of the main gate of the MOI, a place that was a big taboo to even stand at, and which [...]

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