Syrian refugees talk of mutiny and revenge (VIDEO)

VIDEO: An Al-Jazeera video about the funeral of another young boy killed by the Syrian security forces, whose mutlated body was only returned to his parnets six weeks after he disappeared. The 15-year old Thamed Mohammd Sahri happened to be a friend of 13-year old Hamza al-Khatib, whose equally mutilated body was returned last week. [...]

U.S. support for brutal dictators is a source of frustration in the Middle East: Anthony DiMaggio

Anthony DiMaggio is a university professor, writer, political commentator and media expert. He is the author of numerous books, including Mass Media, Mass Propaganda (2008), When Media Goes to War (2010), and Crashing the Tea Party (2011).  He has taught U.S. and Global Politics at Illinois State University, and published articles and commentaries in a [...]

Don’t forget the power of power

It’s the pundit’s dilemma: make bold predictions and you could end up looking like a fool, don’t make bold predictions and you run the risk of appearing tepid. Events in Egypt have brought forth a lot of predictions, many of them wrong, but keep in mind that most predictions end up being wrong, especially if [...]

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