Former Fox News analyst at center of Pakistani firestorm

Pakistan’s powerful army has become enraged after a secret memo indicated President Asif Ali Zardari’s government asked for U.S. help to prevent a military coup following the Navy SEAL raid in May that killed Osama bin Laden. – Washington Post, November 18, 2011. Former Fox News Channel Middle East analyst, businessman Mansoor Ijaz, is at [...]

Oops, the Syrian nuclear factory that Israel bombed in 2007 was a textile plant

Israeli warplanes in 2007 bombed the above complex in Syria, supposedly a secret nuclear reactor in order to win plutonium for bombs. Viewed from the air, the facility closely resembled a uranium enrichment plant designed by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, the one-time head of an international nuclear smuggling ring. Khan had extensive contacts with [...]

A ‘Fall of Discontent’ for U.S.-China Trade Relations

Global economic developments this year, along with the impact of safe-haven investment flows have led to the appreciation of the dollar in global markets, contributed to the high level of unemployment in the U.S. and increased the chances for a double-dip recession in America.  All these developments have further highlighted the international tensions over exchange [...]

Environmentalist fears climate change will push millions of Bangladeshis into cities

Environmentalists and international aid agencies are alarmed by forecasts that millions of “climate refugees” will be forced to migrate to cities for livelihood and shelter, causing human tragedy in Bangladesh. Shayer Ghafur, an environmentalist and professor of engineering and technology, told a non-governmental organizations network for urban poor on Thursday that 400,000 people have already [...]

UN report on torture of Afghan prisoners

Wars necessarily entail abuses of the most extreme types, especially against innocent civilians but most definitely at the expense of war prisoners. Although the Geneva Convention that nations have signed and thus have agreed to respect prisoners’ rights, abuses continue. Given that the US has been involved in two major wars in the last ten [...]

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