10 people were hanged in Tehran this morning

Ten people were executed in Tehran’s Evin prison early this morning Wednesday January 19th. According to the Iranian news agency Mehr, all the men were convicted of drug trafficking and they were sentenced to death by hanging in Tehran’s revolution court. According to the official reports 74 people have been hanged in Iran since December 20th.


Mhamood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights, condemned today’s executions and said: “We urge the UN, EU, Norway, Canada and all countries that voted for teh UN’s resolution against the death penalty, to condemn the execution wave that is going on in Iran”. He added: “The situation is critical and lack of reaction from the world community is unacceptable”.

Those who were hanged in tehran today are identified as:

1. Yunes Aghanejad, convicted of keeping 1400 grams of heroin

2. Sadegh Garavand, for trafficking og 1070 grams of crack

3. Teymour Shah Karimi, for keeping 1045 grams and selling 149 grams of heroin

4. Abdollah Khliani for keeping a bag containing 51 portions of heroin

5. Hossein Feizizadeh for selling 600 grams of heroin

6. Amir Ali Mohammadi, for selling 500 grams of heroin (also sentenced to 30 lashes for drug addiction)

7. Safar Karami Ganjeh, for selling 500 grams of heroin (also sentenced to 30 lashes)

8. Alireza Ramezani, for keeping 500 grams of heroin

9. Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadi, for keeping 445 grams of crack

10. Ghasem Asgharzadeh for selling 14 kilos and 350 grams of opium and 950 grasm of hashish (cannabis)

Author: Iran Human Rights, http://iranhr.net/spip.php?article1955

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