Egyptian army acts with extreme violence against protesters (VIDEO)

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Cairo witnessed another day of violence on Saturday. From the above video it is crystal clear what kind of violence the brave Egyptian soldiers applied to the protesters. It’s just unbelievable. Watch, and you’ll know that there’s no need for further comment.

At least nine people have been confirmed killed and more than 344 reported injured in the past two days. A building belonging to the Ministry of Transport that caught fire during the clashes continued to burn as military police launched a fierce attack on Tahrir Square. Tents in the square’s central island and near the Mugamaa state complex were burnt down and demonstrators were severely beaten. Abou El-Ela Madi, head of Al-Wasat Party and a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ (SCAF) Advisory Council resigned from the council in protest over the army’s crackdown on the Cabinet sit-in.

Sheikh Emad Effat

Saturday two funerals were taking place. One of Sheikh Emad Effat, a member of the Dar Al-Ifta, the section of al-Azhar that is responsible for issuing fatwa’s, who was shot in the chest during the military’s attack on the Cabinet sit-in. He was commemorated in a funeral that started at Al-Azhar Mosque and marched to the Sayeda Aisha cemeteries.

Elsewhere students from Ain Shams University attempted to march to the ministry of defence to protest the loss of their lost colleague, medical student Alaa Abd El-Hady, who was also shot dead during the military’s attack on the Cabinet sit-in, but were prevented from doing so by the military police. Both marches chanted against the SCAF and against the head of the military council Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi.
Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzouri held a press conference Saturday denying that violence was used against demonstrators, adding that the military did not use live ammunition to disperse protesters. Also that is just unbelievable. People die from gunshot wounds, there are even video’s to confirm that, and the prime minister says that no live ammunition has been used.

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