SS leaders remain in service

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State Security Police General Tarek Mahmoud el-Rakaybi, whom I blogged about previously, has not gone on trial. In fact, according to police sources, he remains the head of the General Police Directorate of Private Guards.

Moreover, SS General Mohamed Abul Wafa whose picture seen above was among those I found on the SS Nasr City DVDs, has been moved from the dissolved agency, according to the police sources, to become el-Rakaybi‘s deputy in the General Police Directorate of Private Guards.

The same police sources also confirmed what was reported previously about SS General Hisham Abdel Fattah Abu Gheida, the last director of State Security Police, becoming the Interior Minister’s Assistant for Guards and Security Division. His son, Tarek, also a police officer, has been assigned a “very well paying job” in the police division in charge of the security of the Arab League, and was given a private car by the interior ministry–something unprecedented for officers in that division, added the sources.

The police musical chairs game continues…

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