A photo, a story: burqa terrorism

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The Afghan government, a few days ago, arrested 7 terrorists who crossed the border from Pakistan wearing burqas and hiding weapons and explosives underneath (shown in the photo). Burqa has been the most popular ‘thing’ for jihadis since Afghanistan was ‘jihadized’ during the anti-Soviets jihad. The holy warriors have used every unholy and ugly method to make the most out of this thing. Women were forced to wear it mainly to keep them hidden from other men so nobody could see how many wives a jihadist had. Weapons and drugs were smuggled in burqas because a thin jihadist could pass as much weapons and drugs as he could carry under his burqa. And if they found themselves in danger, burqa came back to their rescue: just pull the thng over and go your way. The police often don’t check because it is ‘culturally sensitive.’

In Afghanistan, ‘cultural sensitivities’ are often not touched because it is believed the results will be sinister. Sinister? However, the reality is that the policy and approach of not touching them have made them ‘sensitivities’ and pushed the country into this mess.

Violence against women, selling and exchanging young girls, tribalism, illegal jirgas, violence against children, terrorism, burqa-ism, intolerance against minorities and non-muslims, widespread corruption, etc. are the culturally sensitive ‘things’ that should be touched and spoken against to reform the system and create a stable country and a progressive society.

AUTHOR: Hadi Hairan
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