MiG building India Ordered Warplanes

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India ordered 29 MiG-29K Fulcrum/Baaz D is now entering production phase. MiG aircraft sold the fighter jet for US$ 1,5 Billion, which make the plane price list about US$ 51 million each. MiG promising the plane will be delivered on year 2012.

India made the purchase agreement in 2010. India will operate the warplanes from INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier in 2013. The aircraft carrier itself was bought from Russia with the earlier name, Admiral Gorshkov. The ship might be only able to carry 24 MiG on its deck with 5 more as spare planes. India might also purchase new 4 generation fighter jet, EF-2000 or Rafale-M series to carry on the carrier along with Tejas II domestic built warplanes in the future.

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