The Maoist group of Nepal forms a New Volunteer group to improve its image

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The United Communist Party of Nepal (UCPN) have announced the formation of a new youth combative group called “People’s Volunteer Group” here in Nepal as part of their preparations for “people´s revolt.” The party is planning to mobilize some five hundred thousand youths for “people´s service.”

With the growing pressure of the local and international criticisms to overcome bad image and uncontrollable activities of Young Communist League (YCL), the party has taken the move in the midst of facilitating its political and international image. The dissolve of the militant youth group YCL into a new one has resulted in the formation of the new paramilitary group that primarily will have no age and ideological barriers.

The existing militant organization YCL would be part of the new group and would further help the new organization in fulfilling its activities. Highlighting the leadership issues, the YCL leaders have opposed the formation of the leadership and have showed their discontent regarding the organization.

The main objectives of the group would be involved in three different sectors: Reconstruction of physical infrastructures, Production, and People´s security.

The announcement was made in a press conference at party headquarters Paris Danda where Maoist leader Netra Bikram Chand will lead the group.

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