Youths denied for protest in Nepal (VIDEO)

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The youths of Nepal were seen crowding with play cards and banners in front of the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) for welcoming the participants of the Peace conference held at Bangladesh. The trio Madhav Kumar Nepal, Sujata Koirala and Hisila Yami who had attended the conference are the topmost political leaders of Nepal and in a situation like this where the country lacks political understand and most importantly when the people have trusted them with 3 months of extension to draft the constitution. Their visit questions morality and credibility of a political leader in Nepal.

The people of Nepal have been waiting for their constitution from the past there years where more than 15 billion rupees have been invested and due to lack of political understanding has obliterated the situation.

According to one of the protester, “The police came in and asked for the permission for protest. Why should we have the recommendation for protest? It’s our country and we are currently in democratic system. In every democracy people have the right to freedom of expression. They cannot restrict us from protesting. We are the people and people have power which they need to understand. We believe in peace and patience that’s why we are here if they think we are a security threat they should have search us and if found guilty we are ready to go to jail but they cannot push us it’s our rights to protest.”

The protest has been a continuous series where youths and people have united through facebook and are organizing events accordingly. People surely have the power which cannot be denied but when the government uses pressure against the people then the problem starts.

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