Funeral insurance scheme launched for Zimbabweans

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cash plan logoPlanning for a funeral might be a thought far removed from one’s mind when all is well, but it can be a cause for concern when death visits suddenly, as it often does. To address the unparalleled financial crisis and complications that diaspora death has over the years caused on Zimbabweans away from home, an innovative and attentive new funeral insurance scheme has been launched and it’s available worldwide.

The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan will be available to all Zimbabweans, at home and abroad, up to age of 70. Prospective members can join the scheme by logging into the website: or by visiting the insurer’s offices in Zimbabwe, UK or South Africa.

The funeral insurance scheme has been designed to help bereaved families get instant cash payout at their death of their loved ones. The funeral cash plan offers a range of benefits targeted at alleviating the financial burdens that have over the years haunted families befallen with bereavement especially in the diaspora.

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan spokesperson, Munyaradzi Javangwe said: “Death has the knack to shock people at the most unguarded moments. It befalls us all in the most unplanned and unpredicted times.”

“We know from our work that many families and individuals have had to deal with untold financial pressures and emotional burdens within the diasporan communities. Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is structured to deal with this financial dilemma. Minus the financial worries, bereaved families can at least have a chance to celebrate lives their departed loved ones,” Javangwe who is the Managing Director of Zimnat Life Assurance, the new funeral cash plan underwriter added.

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan offers guaranteed acceptance for all applicants without any cumbersome and intrusive medicals checks on application or claim. In the event of death, the scheme also offers immediate cash payout, within 24 hours of a valid claim.

“One can apply to be covered for US$2 500, US$5 000, US$10 000, US$15 000 or US$20 000 which is the maximum. This allows a dignified sending off the deceased as funds would be immediately available to meet funeral costs and/or repatriation of the body back to Zimbabwe” Javangwe said.

Zimbabwe experienced a mass exodus of young and middle-aged people as a result of an economic meltdown and a political crisis in the past fifteen years. It is estimated that up to four 4 million Zimbabweans are now living outside the country.

While family, religious and cultural reasons compel many Zimbabweans in the diaspora to uncompromisingly consider Zimbabwe as their final resting place at death, many can hardly afford the steep financial costs of repatriating bodies at death.

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