Brain Drain

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The word Brain drain, defines itself to showcase its meaning where it literally means migration of qualitative human resource to foreign nation abandoning their own. Moreover, contemplating its existence in a more negative way, it institutes our society and mentality within the limited concept. Depending on time, situation and resources available, the concept of brain drain can be dissected in different ways. I believe brain drain is an inevitable condition of human nature that is manifested strongly by human psychology. As it is said, “Humans with their ambitious nature have always been in search of the best. Their migration and their learning have always been subjected to change in the quest for betterment where they have migrated for many reasons which depend upon their feasibility and accessibility.”

Likewise, they have developed this technique from their survival age where it’s natural and instinctive to move to a feasible place where there is more comfort, resources and flexibility but looking at the modern trend of our country brain drain seems very arguable, but if we look at it as a trend of migration to the third country then it really takes our attention and should further be investigated for the prime causes. Looking at it from another perspective it may seem more palpable to define it within the scarcity, limited opportunity and possibilities but not as a trend to follow others.

For eg. Let’s look at the current trend, our education system especially in third world country, education is more theoretical and very orthodox and it has its layers where it lacks standardization and comparatively competition rules in for the people with high power and money. The best possibility is to go outside and to gain knowledge where your capacity and capability will both grow, so why not?

Brain drain in such scenario is admissible because you don’t have the resources and facilitates to grow. Here the question of intention arises, if for the growth and development the person can go but if the person goes after the trend of just going abroad then it’s wrong. I believe brain drain is not a problem but a situation that persist due to lack of the government miss management as when people are qualified and when they have no option except to migrate than its very instinctive to look for better opportunity. May be there might be a version to think at it from the large number of qualitative human resource that migrates abroad but putting this question to yourself what will you do if there is a similar condition, then you will have the answer as ground reality is always bitter.

AUTHOR: Shreedeep Rayamajhi
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