Thoughts on moving Zimbabwe beyond the prejudices and hatred of tribe, race and ethnicity

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I am really appalled and disturbed by the tribalism, hate, racism and prejudice that I see between Shonas and Ndebeles and white Zimbabweans. This prejudice, racism and tribalism though latent offline, it is so openly expressed online on various platforms that I have come across. We must move past racism, prejudice, hate and tribalism if this nation is to realize its full potential and success.

In any case, one thing that must be made clear today is that Zimbabwe belongs equally to all of us whether black or white or Shona, Ndebele, Karanga, Nyanja ,Zezuru, Manyika, Tonga or whatever your social location and mark of distinction. We all fall heir to this nation with an equal claim on all its flora and fauna and we must see each other as equals and be bound together by the common bonds and the common humanity which we all share.

But make no mistake. I understand that a lot has happened in the past which has brought us to this mutual mistrust, prejudice, hatred, racism and tribalism and I know that it will take more than just a speech to deal away with these problems. It will take understanding and tolerance and these are things that I know we all are capable of and which we are all compelled to take at this defining moment, in this generation.

In this generation, we must shake off the chains and vices of prejudice, hatred, racism and tribalism which make us see the worst in each other rather than the best in each other and I look foward to a new, free,officially multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, diverse, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe where we shall no longer be judged by the color of our skin, accent or tribe but the content of our character.

And to those who for far too long have thrived by fanning flames of hatred, division, fear, prejudice, racism and tribalism and who seek to continue with these reprehensible practices, your time is up. We who believe in equality, tolerance, diversity and our common humanity will defeat you.

More to that, to those fellow country men who seek to solve these problems by separation, I don’t think that this is the right nor wise thing to do. What must be made clear for all and sundry is that there is only one Zimbabwe to which we all fall heir equally and as such all talk and agitation for the division of the country into two independent and separate states is ill conceived and ill advised. Whist I understand and empathize with their legitimate grievances, I think and believe that we can not solve their legitimate grievances by slicing and dicing our country into islands and paddocks.This nation can not exist half Shona or half Ndebele, whatever that is. There can only be one Republic of Zimbabwe in which Matebeleland or Mthwakazi is a Province/State within that nation.

These are the self evident truths that we are all compelled to embrace at this defining moment, in this generation.That we are not be born of the same mother or father or the same color or tribe but there is one enduring common denominator which binds us together whether we like it or not and that common denominator is our common humanity which we all share beyond the narrow differences and distinctions of race, tribe, ethnicity or station of life.

And this enduring common denominator- that is, our common humanity- must bring us together and see us co-existing peacefully in a new, free, officially multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, diverse, just, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe in which we are no longer judged nor divided by the color of our skins, tribe nor creed but by our character and deeds.

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