Death toll: 3,769 “white” farmers murdered up to December 23, 2010

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list of names of murdered people on South Africa farms and smallholdings

Black member of South African Police Service (SAPS) involved in attacks against Afrikaners and black foreigners

From 1994 to 23th December 2010 3,769 of the 12,000 remaining “white” farmers are murdered. South Africa is showing the highest level of armed violence against ethno-Europeans. The violence has escalated dramatically since the end of the World Cup 2010 football tournament in July 2010. Attacks and false arrests of whites in the rest of Africa are also rising. More than 96% of all reported rural murder victims are ‘white’, mostly Afrikaans-speakers – people who also refer to themselves as Afrikaners. Afrikaners who describe the armed attacks against them as a genocide or ethnocide, are not being paranoid: there is considerable evidence of police collusion in these attacks. Besides the recorded fact that ‘South Africa’-police so frequently fail to respond to emergency calls from besieged Afrikaner families, the ‘South Africa’-police directorate also issued a statement describing the remarkable mass-arrest of the entire Police CID unit at the Magalies police station – which controls the greater.

Re-arrest of Former SAPS Capt. Patrick Magonono

June 26 2008: (Former SAPS ) Capt. Patrick Magonono, ex-head of criminal investigations division at Magalies SAPS, was arrested for farm attacks and xenophobic attacks with five colleagues: the arrest was described of police captain Patrick Magonono (then active-duty), who then commanded the Criminal Investigations Division at the Magalies SAPS. He was arrested together with five black colleagues at the same police station, and formally charged with carrying out specific armed robberies targetting Afrikaner smallholders throughout the region for the past five years. The six police officers also were charged with carrying out organised campaigns of xenophobic violence against black African foreigners. Charges were formally placed in the Johannesburg magistrate’s court against these six police-officers for carrying out specific numbers of armed attacks against Afrikaners throughout the greater-Magalies smallholdings region as well as with attacks against black foreign Africans. A great many witnesses statements were collected by the arrest-team. 

NL-Aid is in the possession of a list of murdered people (see hyperlink above) in rural areas includes English-speaking commercial ‘white’ farmers, foreign visitors and white immigrants. The list also shows names of murdered black female farmers torched to death or hacked to death inside their homesteads over male-dominance related tribal land-rights disputes. 

There are some 1-million black farmers in South Africa. who now hold more than 4% of the viable agricultural land sites. There are about 12,000 commercial ‘white’ farmers remaining to farm on less than one percent of the entire land surface. South Africa is an arid country and only 6 percent of its entire land surface has ever been suitable for crop-farming.

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* Digital Journal
* On 29 March 2010, a press release was issued by the SAPS describing the re-arrest of Patrick Magonono by a police-team spotting an attack against a shopkeeper in Phokeng, North West: read SAPS Journal Online 

Author: Adriana Stuijt and NL-Aid


7 Responses to “Death toll: 3,769 “white” farmers murdered up to December 23, 2010”

  1. Adriana Stuijt
    december 28th, 2010 @ 19:36

    This is an important record because this past year the armed attacks and hatespeech by ANC officials targetting the ‘Boer’ minority has soared with numerous recorded incidents. Hatespeech, as the UN recently noted, often leads to Genocide. Please also note the record of attacks in the Southern African region targetting South African whites throughout that region – which shows that these besieged people are increasingly endangered on the entire continent only because of their ethnic background.

  2. Bloemspruit residents: shoot to kill home-invaders « Space van Adriana
    december 30th, 2010 @ 06:28

    [...] Death Toll of White Farmers murdered up to December 23 2010: Dutch whistleblower website: –  This Dutch whistleblower-website deals with fraud and other major issues surrounding European Union development-aid donations to third world countries, especially from The Netherlands – and please note what they write about South Africa: Its administrator Dr Hans Sluijter took considerable efforet to place a very convenient seperate list of the farm-murder names etc, on an Adobe programme which helps readers to analyse the contents very well. Take a look at it. It’s easy to copy too – so paste it whereever you can in any report. They used the Censorbugbear-Reports archives up to Dec 23 2010 so it would have to be updated with the latest large number of new murders (can be copied from before copying and pasting it into your own articles. It’s a loudable effort and I do most sincerely hope that people will give Dr Sluijter a great deal of thanks for his hard work. He ‘s a well-known liberal whistleblower and important source, dealing with EU-funding for development aid projects in Third World Countries. [...]

  3. Mary-Amy
    december 30th, 2010 @ 09:51

    My prayer is that the European countries and the USA would open their arms to these hard working farmers. They have no where to go and my heart breaks for them.

  4. Tony W
    december 30th, 2010 @ 18:29

    I am not a farmer – just a white factory worker in Durban – South Africa. I have two kids going into their teens. I wish the West would see the racist ANC for what it really is, and allow SA eurocentric people the opportunity for relocation. It is extremely difficult. I dont want my kids to grow up in SA, with AA and BBBEE discrimination, with crime, with the low level of education, with the continually lower social standards. I wish you could see what has become of Durban. I wish you could live with the threat that whatever you do or say – you are a “racist”. I dont care what liberals say, I dont care for extremists either, but I do care for my kids and just dont want them to be destroyed by Africa. As a family we cant go out at night. We cant use public transport safely. It took us 5 years and alot of taunting about being racist just to get our black neighbors to leave us alone. (We finally got it right by approaching the opposition councillor and the press.) Yes we have all the luxuries, but for the most part remain at home. We have had 3 car jackings in our suburb over the past two years – from the house gates – one death.
    Over Christmas the beaches were swamped with black people, who have every right to be there, but certainly would not be too accommodating to a few white people. I know – I tried and got trampled at the first wave!! When I said something I was told to leave if I dont like it. Nice…..
    I cannot begin to express how much SA has changed for the worse. I cannot express my dismay – you have to live it to understand it. THank God you are not in Africa, and please, please help those of us that are trying to get away from Africa.

  5. Marie de Wet
    januari 16th, 2011 @ 21:16

    I cannot agree more with Tonys letter, this is really a cry for help. Nobody can understand the agony of a mother when her child is entering the house with 3 gunmen holding him at gunpoint and ramsacking your house while being tied up. It is of the utmost importance that our cry for help is answered. We are scared to leave our houses after dark, afraid to drive our vehicles because of the hi-jackings taking place in broad daylight. If there is no help for us please condsider helping our children, before it is too late.

  6. Petronella du Toit
    januari 17th, 2011 @ 06:36

    Not all Afrikaners cry for help. I for one an sick of it. I dont want help from Europe, US or any other country finansing this genocide and killing fair trade with so-called aid programs. So please speak for yourselves and don’t portray me as Afrikaner being a “tail between the leg” entity.

    Governments as we know it, does not exist anymore. Corporations is running this world and problems you face in Africa is everywhere in the world already. The only weapon against these nation killing corporates is to know how to do business in a global world. We have one tool to do so – The information highway. Use it for business instead of complaining!

  7. Adriana Stuijt
    januari 17th, 2011 @ 13:44

    Petronella du Toit is just a fake name for a profit-making website – too cheap to pay for their advertising.

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