Another public hanging in the Fars province, south of Iran

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One man was hanged in the town of Kazeroun, south of Iran according to official Iranian sources. According to the local news website “Kazeroun Nama”, a man identified as “Morteza Jokar” known as “Sardar” was hanged in public “Kenar Takhteh” near town of Kazeroun on April 16th.

The man was convicted of murdering 8 people and was sentenced to four times hanging in public, said the report. According to the report the sentence was implemented in front of the people and the prosecutor of Kazeroun, Nasrollah Izadikhah (number 1 from right in the picture above). After publishing several pictures from the public hanging the news website “Kazeroun Nama” was asked to remove the pictures by the prosecutor. The reason for removing the pictures where “negative consequences” from the international community.

On the same day three other people where hanged in public in the city of Shiraz, the capital of the Fars province which Kazeroun is located in.

Pictures from public hangings: Shiraz April 16th 2011

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