The Kurdish political prisoner Habibollah Latifi is at imminent danger of execution

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Habibollah Latifi, the Kurdish political prisoner on the death row, whose scheduled execution was halted in December 2010, might according to some reports be at imminent danger of execution.

According to unconfirmed reports that Iran Human Rights (IHR) has received, Habibollah Latifi, could be executed already in few hours, early morning local time on Sunday April 10th, in the prison of Sanandaj in Iranian Kurdistan province.

Neither the family nor Mr. Latifi’s lawyer have confirmed this report.

IHR can not verify whether the report is reliable or not, but undelines that Mr. Latifi’s death sentence has for some time been at the section for implementation of the verdict and ask the world community to give focus to Mr. Latifi’s case.

Habibollah Latifi was scheduled to be executed in December 2010, but his execution was postponed, probably due to the efforts by the people in Sanandaj and the human rights defenders worldwide.

Habibillah Latifi, a 29 years old engineering student from the University of Ilam, was arrested in 2007 and later sentenced to death convicted of Moharebeh (at war with God). His charges include involvement in several acoustic explosions, as well as filming and photographing them, in the city of Sanandaj. It also includes an assassination attempt on the life of the Sanandaj Prosecutor, as well as an attack on a local police station.

Mr. Latifi has denied all the charges, however his death sentence was upheld by the Supreme court.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of IHR urged the world community, and human rights defenders around the world to do whatever they can do in the coming hours in order to stop Habibillah’s possible execution. He said: “We have previously seen that international attention can help in such cases and we can’t afford not to try”.

According to unconfirmed reports published last night, Mr. Latifi was scheduled to be executed this morning.

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