Heroism the Dutch way results in three man caught by the Libyans

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Hr Ms Tromp

In the Netherlands there’s much to do about three missing naval personnel. They were on board the fregat Tromp near the coast of Libya and got the assignment to evacuate two people, one of them Dutch, from the city of Sirte. They went there with the Lynx helicopter that was on board Hr Ms Tromp, which they put without difficulty in Sirte on the ground. But as soon as they wanted to leave they were surrounded by Gaddafi’s military and taken into custody. This was on Sunday. The men are still missing, probably somewhere in prison. The two people they wanted to evacuate were handed over to the Dutch embassy. They got home by now.

The Dutch government is negotiating the sort of the three captives with the official Libyan government. But in the meantime one might ask why on earth the Dutch government thought (the green light was given by the prime minister, Mr Rutten himself) that it was a good idea to fly to Sirte and try to evacuate people. Sirte of all places, the birthplace and hometown of Gaddafi himself and firmly in the hands of his tribe. Did nobody think of what would happen if a Libyan helicopter would fly to, say, Haarlem in the Netherlands, and try to evacuate somebody from there? And anyway, if it is absolutely necesary to evacuate somebody from enemy territory by helicopter, wouldn’t it be advisable, if not a law of warfare, that the first helicopter will at least be accompanied by one other helicopter which stays in the air, warns the other one when enemy troops are approaching and which is able, if necessary, to keep the enemy at a distance by firing in their direction? It is really the Dutch way again. Remember Srebrenica, where the Dutch were supposed to protect the villagers against the Serbs, but instead helped to separate about 8.000 men from the women and children and led them to the busses which carried them to their death.

Lieutenant colonel Tom Karremans, the commander of the Dutch UN batallion in Srebrenica, was not repremanded – let alone fired for his less than heroic role. No, he was promoted to colonel shortly afterwards and he and his men got a medal to sweeten the bitter pill of the anxious moments they had been living through. I take it that the three naval personnel now in Libyan captivity, as well as the commander of the Tromp who gave the order to fly to Sirte, will be decorated as well, because that seems to be the way Holland covers up its military blunders and faults. No matter what are the results, always keep a brave face!

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