Petition against Winnie Mandela

An internet petition has been launched among the Afrikaans community to be lodged with SA pres. Jacob Zuma, AnC-Police Minister Nati Mthethwa and Lt-gen Mzwandile Petros, provincial SAPS-chief – demanding an independent investigation into Winnie Mazikilela-Mandela’s ongoing victimisation of SAPS Flying Squad officers – after they had pulled over her luxury Audi for travelling 150 km/hr through a heavily-populated urban area of greater Johannesburg in Dec 2010.


The petition ‘objects in the strongest terms to the behaviour of Winnie Mandela who views herself as being above the law’. The petition describes details of the incident: that she had ‘yelled at warrant officer Jannie Odendaal after her vehicle had been clocked at a speed of 150km an hour in the urban area of greater Johannesburg on the M1 freeway on Dec 30 2010.

Winnie supporter of execution by necklacing

The petition also details the previous violent crimes for which Mrs Madikizela-Mandela has already been convicted and received very light sentences, pointing out that she is a ‘convicted criminal who in this case endangered the lives of other road users…. Besides the fact that she has made herself guilty of the practice of ANC-politicians to place themselves above the ordinary citizens and above the law with their ‘blue-light convoy escapades’ she and her body guard(s) threatened a police official who merely viewed it as his duty to carry out the law. And now she and her body-guard (s) are engaged in victimising the police officer (s) from an abusive position of power,’ the petition points out.

“We demand that Winnie Mandela and her body-guards be prosecuted under the full letter of the law for the violations. We also demand that an independent commission of investigation be established to investigate the entire incident – including the fact that Mrs Mandela had received such light sentences for her previous heinous crimes (including for the murder of the young ANC-activist Stompie Seipei.)

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