China’s response to the downgrade of America’s credit rating should be to diversify and not just criticize

A lot has been said by the major western news sources (WSJ, Bloomberg, FT, NY Times) about China’s reaction to the downgrade of the U.S. creditworthiness.  Although there has been no official comment from Beijing since the downgrade, the Xinhua news agency (the official mouth-piece and the usual government ‘attack dog’ for criticizing the U.S.) [...]

“He who digs a hole for another, may fall in himself”: China’s hidden economic problems

Following the downgrade by Standard and Poors of US sovereign debt from the gold standard AAA to AA+ the Chinese government lambasted the United States for its ‘addiction to debt’ and called on the United States to implement more responsible policies to bring its deficit problems under control. At the same the governor of China’s [...]

Weak leadership, economic crises and political polarization: What the International Community can learn from Latin American Regime Crises

Introduction The volatility of the stock markets, the worry about Greece that flew over to the USA, Italy, Belgium and Spain are no coincidence, they are part of a broader trending, of economic mayhem and international uncertainty. The USA, Belgium, Italy and to a lesser extent Spain devote a disproportionate time on meandering through the [...]

China warnings to the US: Pakistan & public debt

In the early 21st century, there are clear indications that China as the ascending global power endeavors to engender international stability in every area from strategic to financial, while the US is behaving as a source of global instability, merely because it is a power in decline; although by no means the kind of decline [...]

427,200 new asylum seekers a year in South Africa

With twice as many unproductive economic refugees (10m) ; and three times as many welfare recipients (14m) than there are taxpayers (5,9m) to pay for it all; SA’s sewage plants collapse under rivers of human waste; small wonder the combined municipal debts soared to R64,4billion this year. YEOVILLE: 427,200 new asylum seekers arrive in SA [...]

EU, Germany & Greek debt restructuring

Spiegel Online published an article claiming that according to the German government Greece is considering leaving the Eurozone. The news temporarily shook up world markets, but all parties denied the story was true. Meanwhile, Friday was profitable for bond traders, as many speculators made money ‘shorting’ the euro and currency-and bond-linked investment products. This was [...]

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