427,200 new asylum seekers a year in South Africa

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With twice as many unproductive economic refugees (10m) ; and three times as many welfare recipients (14m) than there are taxpayers (5,9m) to pay for it all; SA’s sewage plants collapse under rivers of human waste; small wonder the combined municipal debts soared to R64,4billion this year.

YEOVILLE: 427,200 new asylum seekers arrive in SA each year: with only 123 officials to process them. More new asylum seekers arrive in South Africa each year than do in all 27 countries of the European Union. Amazing facts, revealed by deputy-Home Affairs Minister Fatima Chohan.

Only 123 officials available to process the daily 1,200 new asylum seekers in South Africa
Chohan said at a World Refugee Day conference on 20 June at Yeoville recreation centre that her department receives 1,200 applications a day which are processed by 123 officials, “provided nobody is on leave or sick leave,.’

It is being estimated by the International Red Cross and by UN refugee- and food-aid agencies that there are at least 10 million black African refugees in South Africa already. By Oct 2008, the Dept of Home affairs admitted that the situation was becoming chaotic andthat at that point, it would take 30 years to clear up the backlog – provided no further new asylum seeker applications were received, that is.

And all these unproductive, underskilled young people, mostly ‘economic migrants’ and primarily male, all have to somehow find food, housing and potable water: placing an increasingly heavy burden on the ratepayers and facilities of the country’s municipalities. Many municipal sewerage systems are so overburdened that they have collapsed: dumping thousands of tons of raw sewerage into the country’s precious fresh-water supplies.

Municipalities’ total debt soared to R64,4billion; Welfare budget for 14million recipients to R62,7 billion
The Treasury recently announced that the municipalities’ total debt grew from R62.3billion to R64.4billion. The six major metros – where the vast majority of ‘economic migrants’ also stream to, swelling the squatter camps to gigantic proportions — are responsible for R35.9 billion of this debt – about 56% of the total. The secondary cities (including Bloemfontein and East London) are responsible for another R12.3 billion, or 19% of the total. Johannesburg’s debt is R11.4bn or 18% of total debt.

After a few quarters where the debt situation showed tentative signs of improving, it is starting to look worse again. The overall age of the debt is increasing: in Q1 2010/11 about 73% of all debt was older than 90 days. This increased to 75% of all debt by Q2 and has now risen to 78% of all debt. Total debt under 30 days old has fallen from 18% to 15%.

That’s why outsiders will find it extremely bewildering that the ruling ANC/Communist party/trade union triad continues to crack down ever-harder to purge its white taxpayers from the entire job-market — even though by January 2011, the country only had 5,9-million taxpayers left — and more than 10-million unproductive refugees.

14-milllion welfare recipients cost R62,7 billion a year
Meanwhile the country’s welfare-budget is also becoming unbearably bloated with some 14-million black South African welfare-recipients, costing an annual R62,7-billion in revenue this year aone. And, warns the SA Institute of Race Relations, by next year their numbers will swell to at least 16-milion black South Africans to survive only on Wefare benefits: and more than 60% of them will be young working-age, child-producing adults. The number of social grant beneficiaries soared by some 300% over the past nine years. Please note that the increasingly destitute ‘white’ population for the most part do not ‘qualify’ for welfare payouts because they are white.

Why bother to even have them fill out forms? They are going to stay anyway, without or with asylum-status
It seems totally pointless for those 127 Home Affairs officials to even go through the motions of examining each new application: South Africa now only approves an annual 10% of its asylum-seekers – but the other 90% also stilll remain in the country anyway: awaiting their appeal process. It’s all just a ridiculous joke..

The UN defines a refugee as ‘a person who, owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and unable to or, owing to such fear, unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, unable to or, owing to such fear, unwilling to return to it.’

A very fuzzy mouthful. Meanwhile, Chohan said ‘many people had abused the system by seeking refugee status when they were actually economic migrants. We are currently reviewing the whole application process to streamline it and will be much stricter in future.” No kidding! She actually noticed!

Mayor Parks Tau also said they are ‘concerned about the random acts of violence and intimidation against asylum-seekers.”I wouldn’t worry about that much longer either, if I were Tau. At this rate, the number of ‘asylum-seekers’ already are double the number of taxpayers who have to pay for the municipal services they all demand as a ‘basic human right’. And if this refugee-tsunami doesn’t get stopped in its tracks at the border, and very soon, the asylum-seekers soon will become the majority in many townships and squatter camps. Then it will be the asylum-seekers who start hunting down South African citizens with organised, heavily-armed jackrolling gangs.

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