Hope in the face of the fastest ever rise in greenhouse gas emissions

Despite 20 years of climate negotiations global warming causing greenhouse gases (GHGs) from energy are now rising at record setting levels. As reported in the Guardian, UN climate chief, Christiana Figueres, indicated that we are experiencing the fastest-ever rise in greenhouse gas emissions, but she added that the data should not lead people to believe [...]

No longer ‘In the Bottle’? LGBT rights in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Malaysia’s Women’s Minister Last week 66 young boys in the conservative largely Muslim state of Terengganu, Malaysia, were sent to a special ‘re-education’ camp for displaying signs of effeminacy which if left ‘unchecked’, state official argued, could “reach the point of no return”. In other words they could ‘become’ gay or transsexual.  Blog this! Bookmark [...]

It’s time to focus on poor people – not poor countries

A better title I can not come up with. I took it directly from one of the two articles I read last weeks which took my attention. Both were published on the PovertyMatters blog – part of the website of the English newspaper Guardian. A very interesting blog I would recommend to anyone with a [...]

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