The bad guy has found a good host

Homa Sultani, member of the Afghan Parliament, has claimed Mullah Omar is her guest and lives in her home. This is not the first time she reveals her contacts with the one-eye fugitive Taliban leader. A few weeks ago she had claimed that Mullah Omar had given her a letter in which he had requested [...]

Karzai blocking probe of missing billions of U.S. dollars in Afghanistan

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is blocking efforts by U.S. officials to locate billions of dollars given to aid Afghanistan’s economy, stymieing efforts to combat money laundering of drug money, corruption and funding terrorists. Karzai is prohibiting U.S. Treasury agents from accessing the Afghan government’s central bank by allowing and even contributing to “hostile working conditions” [...]

Peace is not an option: US and Israel

The news about US working behind the scenes with the Karzai regime to strike a deal with Taliban rebels comes as no surprise, given that such contacts have been ongoing for a long time while all along Afghanistan’s lucrative heroin trade that helps finance the rebels. The real news is that Obama, who just a [...]

All bad ‘gods’ in Afghanistan

We, four Afghan researchers, were in Delhi to participate in a conference. It was very expensive to make telephone calls from the five star hotel we were staying in, so we decided to buy Indian sim cards. In Afghanistan, you can buy a sim card from a boy on the street. But in Delhi it [...]

Durand Line is the root of the AfPak conflict

The killing of Osama bin Laden in a Pakistan compound was a major success for the US. It may make the commitment for the troop withdrawal easier, but will have no significant effect on the Afghan problem. I had written this piece during the very hours when the operation in Abbottabad was still going on. [...]

‘Tangible’ Coalition gains and pains in Afghanistan

This Friday the Pentagon in its latest report to the US congress ‘painted a guardedly optimistic picture of the war in Afghanistan, saying that U.S. and allied forces had made “tangible progress” against the Taliban over the past six months and that conditions were right to withdraw at least some U.S. troops this summer.’ Blog [...]

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