Red Revolution in Nepal shows its presence (VIDEO)

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A youth network group “The red Revolution” organized a silent protest at Basantapur focusing the current situation of political deadlock and lack of understanding. The program was themed constitution no work no pay where youths and people showed their dissatisfaction of the constitution not coming out in time.

Prakash Shrestha one of the participants said, “Constitution should come out on time, if it does not the politicians have no rights to waste the people’s tax paid money. Constitution has been shown as a really big problem but the real problem lies hidden in darkness where it stakes the lack of understanding and carelessness shown by the parties towards people’s aspiration. It’s high time for the public to come up and aware them that the people are watching and if they cannot the public will take in charge.”

From the past 3 years people have been waiting for their consitution and with lack of vision and any hopes people have started to realize that Nepal is moving toward unrecoverable state of crisis.

With sparks flying all over, facebook activism in Nepal is grasping people’s attention to the level. Every day one can seen one or the other group organizing events about raising awareness against the issue which is highly credible. One thing we all have to understand is the movement itself is very vulnerable and reality to soft side of the public interest.

AUTHOR: Shreedeep Rayamajhi
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