Protectionism: US, China and Brazil

Is the US the most free-trade nation on earth as it projects itself, while vilifying other countries or economic blocs like the EU? Is China the most protectionist and most guilty of protectionism? Is Brazil engaged in unfair trade practices to strengthen its own industries, or do Brazil’s protectionist measures protect both domestic and foreign [...]

black economic empowerment kills afrikaners

Alarming poverty among the 3-million Afrikaners Poverty among the 3-million Afrikaners of South Africa is taking on alarming proportions: the ANC’s black-economic-empowerment programme is becoming a relentless juggernaut, a vicious ethnic-cleansing campaign to deprive the Afrikaners of any and all means of surviving in the country of their birth. Demographer Prof. Flip Smit says by [...]

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