Protector turned murderer: Death in police custody

Abdul Ajeej (58) son of Nasir Ali resident of Kishori Bhavan, Anoop Shahr road, Civil Lines police station, Aligarh was a class four employee with the Aligarh Muslim University. Abdul Ajeej lived with his family as a tenant in Kishori Bhavan the property of Shiv Mandir Dharmshala trust. The trustee Samarth Mittal and land mafia [...]

The making of a mafia state: warning signs and omens ignored

Introduction In the late 1970s Paramaribo buzzed and bristled with innuendo and gossip after members of the elite became arrested on charges of narco-trafficking. Sordid detail was the fact that the center of business was a butcher shop in the center of the city. This story baffled but also intrigued society, because right under their [...]

The gradual implosion of democratic institutions in Suriname and the making of a mafia state

Introduction The harvest of one day surfing through the content of online Surinamese news sites, paints a ghastly picture of corruption, lies, fleecing, misguidedness and misrepresentation of facts. These reports indicate that democracy is seriously compromised. By gluing bit and bite size pieces of news and information together, creates a bigger but most disturbing picture [...]

CONSERVATION: New technology and the elephant

At the heart of the wildlife dispute were divergent views on the 2007 deal that settled on a nine-year breather for the ivory trade, explains WANJOHI KABUKURU The 15th Conference of Parties (CoP15) of the Conference on International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES) simply known as World Wildlife Trade Talks took place in Qatar’s humid [...]

Toxic dumping in East Africa

East Africa has them. They are hazardous, portend grim and fatal implications and adversely affect all living things. These are obsolete pesticides which are defined as “stocked pesticides that can no longer be used for their original purpose or any other purpose and therefore require disposal.” Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Tip [...]

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