A change you can’t believe in

It seems to me the Moroccan people have overwhelmingly democratically chosen an undemocratic constitution. According to Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui, over 70% of Moroccans went to polling stations and 98% of voters resoundingly approved the new charter as proposed by the king. The “nihilists,” as the acrimonious Khalid Naciri, Morocco’s Communication Minister and spokesman, is [...]

Betting on the King

The confident and fantastically positive promulgations of the government’s official spokesperson, Khalid Naciri, who seems to have forgotten his moment of ignominy, that the revolution of the people AND the king – as he termed it – is on the eve of a historical attainment, that Morocco is a democracy, but the upcoming constitutional reforms [...]

Silencing Rachid Nini

Rachid Nini, the executive editor of Al-Massae newspaper, was sentenced by a lower court in Ain Sbaa, Casablanca to one year in prison and fined one thousand Moroccan dirhams. He was charged with “grave contempt” to Morocco’s judicial system and “unsubstantiated reporting on alleged crimes.” Through his editorials, Mr. Nini has targeted high ranking governmental [...]

Rachid Nini Arrested… Again

Al Massae newspaper reported that its executive editor Rachid Nini has been arrested. According to the newspaper, Mr. Nini is being investigated for articles al-Massae has been publishing the lead prosecutor at the appeals court in Casablanca, Abdellah Belghiti, in an official statement, deemed harshly critical of governmental institutions. The latter pronounced a host of [...]

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