Silencing Rachid Nini

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Rachid Nini, the executive editor of Al-Massae newspaper, was sentenced by a lower court in Ain Sbaa, Casablanca to one year in prison and fined one thousand Moroccan dirhams. He was charged with “grave contempt” to Morocco’s judicial system and “unsubstantiated reporting on alleged crimes.” Through his editorials, Mr. Nini has targeted high ranking governmental officials and political figures informing his readers of their unethical business and political dealings. The government failed to credibly investigate any of the fraudulent practices he – and other independent journalists – exposed.

The arrest and sentencing of Mr. Nini was fraught with inconsistencies. Initially, the King’s lead prosecutor was unable to present a sustainable charge against him; he then opted to have him tried under penal code statutes instead of the press law which prohibits the arrest and imprisonment of journalists on account of their published writings.

Many believe that his arrest and sentencing was politically motivated. Observers are convinced that the judge’s decision was not guided by the voice of justice and fairness, not even by the voice of law, but rather by the voice that comes through a telephone receiver dictating the sentence. Proponents of Morocco’s independent media point the finger at Fouad Ali El Himma, a close friend of King Mohammed VI and the founder of the highly dubious Authenticity and Modernity party.

AUTHOR: Ahmed T. B. / Cabalamuse
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