Improving women’s health, improving society

With the help of development aid Sierra Leone has joined the ranks of sub-Saharan African countries offering free medical care for women with a particular emphasis on women and children. Even if it is too early to glean whether or not these programs are a success, suggestive evidence indicates that more women are being helped [...]

Narcotics and dependent capitalism in Africa

The most significant challenge of Africa in the next few decades will be to transform itself from a largely informal and semi-legal “dependent outward-oriented” economy to a legitimate inward-looking one that is integrated intra-continentally under a model that is comparable to that of the EU and develops more equitable terms of trade with developed countries. [...]

Sierra Leone enters a golden age! 50 Years

On April 27th of this year, Sierra Leoneans will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their country. The hopes and aspirations of Sierra Leone’s founding fathers, when they agitated for independence from the British colonialists, were for a fully democratic country that would give dignity and pride to its citizens. Sierra Leone’s first prime minister, Milton [...]

Sub-Sahara African social uprisings

Three African countries, Nigeria the most populous African nation with more than 156 million, Uganda with 35 million, and Burkina Faso with 17 million people are experiencing sociopolitical unrest that could explode into a situation similar to what has been taking place in Muslim countries. Although Africans south of the Sahara are aware of what [...]

Libya: Indict Muammar Gaddafi now for War Crimes in Sierra Leone

With international pressure already mounting on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and with the International Criminal Court now in the process of gathering information on civilian deaths in Libya, the Special Court for Sierra Leone and the International Criminal Court have a profound opportunity to indict Gaddafi for war crimes and crimes against humanity he has [...]

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