Egyptian protesters return to Tahrir in the old numbers (VIDEO)

Last week’s “Save the Revolution” day saw tens of thousands gather in Tahrir Square, Al Ahram on line tells us, but this Friday it is considerably more, as the picture shows. Last week the Muslim Brotherhood was absent, this week they participate. But that is not the only, nor even the main reason that so [...]

Several thousand Egyptians demonstrate against new ‘anti-protest law’ (VIDEO)

Protest at the TV Building in Maspero In Tahrir Square around 1,000 protesters were voicing their anger on Friday over the anti-protests law approved by the cabinet on Wednesday, which proposed to punishable anyone inciting, urging, promoting or participating in a protest or strike with with jail sentences or an LE 500,000 fine. The law [...]

Egyptian parliament disbanded, constitution suspended

The Egyptian army has dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution, two days after Hosni Mubarak, stepped down. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces announced on Sunday that it would remain in charge of the country for six months until a new government is formed. The military council announced the move in a statement on [...]

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