No longer ‘In the Bottle’? LGBT rights in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Malaysia’s Women’s Minister Last week 66 young boys in the conservative largely Muslim state of Terengganu, Malaysia, were sent to a special ‘re-education’ camp for displaying signs of effeminacy which if left ‘unchecked’, state official argued, could “reach the point of no return”. In other words they could ‘become’ gay or transsexual.  Blog this! Bookmark [...]

Saleem Samad’s triptych (part 3): Are Jihadist in Bangladesh a security threat to Asian region?*

Background The paper provides an insight of conflict, Islamic terrorism, and social injustices in once a secular Bangladesh. The political Islam has percolated in national politics. In the backdrop of the doctored constitutional provisions for Islamic-nationalization, coupled with political hegemony of the elite Islamic nationalist chauvinist, the Islamic radicalisms dominated national politics and state. This [...]

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