BANGLADESH: DGFI tortured to death labor activist Aminul Islam

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed, Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh Re: BANGLADESH: DGFI tortured to death labor activist Aminul Islam Dear Prime Minister, I have recently learned that Aminul Islam was found dead after apparently suffering grievous torture under circumstances that raise concerns of involvement by Bangladeshi security forces specifically military intelligence DGFI. Aminul Islam went [...]

SRI LANKA: An innocent man was illegally arrested and tortured

Dear Secretary of Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission An innocent man was illegally arrested, tortured and laid with a fabricated charge Name of the victim: Mr. Kanahipadi Kankanamge Nalin (29) of Dodamgo, Kaluthara Alleged perpetrator: 1. Police officer Kamalasiri 2. Civil Defence Force Officer Wickramasinghe 3. Sub Inspector (SI) Mahinda 4. Police Officer Kamalsiri 5. [...]

Imam encouraged parading woman naked

BBC Urdu has quoted local officials saying that the imam of Nilor Bala village in Haripur, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, encouraged a group of people who publicly tortured and then paraded a 50-year old woman. The imam, Sakhawat Hussain, admitted to BBC that he was present there but did not oppose the shameful and barbaric act because ‘the [...]

High time for changeover in Cameroon

We have a nearby neighbour whose political system is worrisome and may attract chaos in no distant future if not reformed. Cameroon has a bizarre type of democracy and its leader, Paul Biya has the right to stay as long as he wants in power and the successor would inherit the same system. But there [...]

Second cruel farm murder: Randfontein

Second cruel farm murder hits Randfontein: owner of Vleikop petting-zoo bird sanctuary, ‘tortured to death’… The hidden body of a prominent Randfontein Boer who ran a petting- and bird-sanctuary on his smallholding, was found murdered on 4 June 2011 after an extensive search when the unnamed Boer went missing and four former employees also disappeared. [...]

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